Louisiana Rising, Ltd. is a nonprofit registered in Colorado.

Our mission is to create educational and economic opportunities and support for African-Americans living in Louisiana. Louisiana Rising places special emphasis on the descendants of the enslaved people who were sent to Louisiana from Maryland in 1838 by the Jesuit leaders of Georgetown University. The sale of these people to sugar cane plantation owners is the largest single sale of enslaved people in American history. The contract was for 272 individuals, hence the designation GU272. The actual number of enslaved people sold to Louisiana by the Georgetown Jesuits is 314.

Louisiana Rising operates independently of and in collaboration with the GU272 Descendants Association and does not represent the Association.

Efforts by Georgetown students, faculty, and alumni have led to the discovery of over 4,000 living descendants of the original group. Many of these descendants still live in close proximity to the plantations where they taken generations ago. All of these descendants have been profoundly affected by the legacy of slavery and by the institutional and systemic racism that persists to this day.

For anyone interested in this history and for those interested in finding out if they might be descendants, we recommend the GU272 database, which has genealogies and records for many family groups. The database is hosted by the New England Historic Genealogical Society and can be found at:  gu272.americanancestors.org

For context on the history of slavery and the descendants of enslaved people in America, we recommend the excellent material published by the NY Times as The 1619 Project.

Louisiana Rising is a member of the NAACP, and the GU272 Descendants Association. Supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center